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Player Comparison Radars2022-2023

Our Comparison Radars can provide a comprehensive analysis of player and team performance over a given period. With our customizable or position-set templates, we can tailor data analysis to meet your specific needs. We use innovative tools to provide the latest and most accurate insights into player and team performance. Our primary goal is to help our clients make better decisions by providing them with a deeper understanding of the game.

Wieffer vs Kamara Comp Radar CM Template
Ward Prowse vs Luiz Comp Radar
Tielemans vs Luiz Comp Radar
Salisu vs MIngs Comp Radar
Ruibal vs Cash Comp Radar
Rodrigo vs Watkins Comp Radar
Posch v Cash Comp Radar
Pau Torres vs MIngs Comp Radar
Olise vs Bailey Comp Radar
Martinez vs Cash Comp Radar
Lo Celso vs Bailey Comp Radar
Guendouzi vs McGinn Comp Radar CM Template
Gouri vs Watkins Comp Radar
Goncalves vs Buendia Comp Radar
Garcia vs Kamara Comp Radar
Felix vs Buendia Comp Radar
Barnes 21 vs Barnes 22 Comp Radar
KWP Radar Comp Radar 21-22 22-23
David vs Watkins Radar 22-23
Tielemans vs Luiz Radar 22-23
David vs Watkins Radar 22-23
Digne v Moreno Radar 2223
Guendouzi v McKennie Radar 2223
Guendouzi v Douglas Luiz Radar 2223
Danjuma vs Deulofeu Radar 2223
Sarr v Buendia Radar 2223
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