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G.C Analytics Bespoke

Goalkeeper Analysis

If you want to take your team's goalkeeping to the next level, whether that be for your own GK's analysis or for recruitment purposes to name just a few ideas, look no further than our innovative GK Analysis. This comprehensive assessment, culminating in a full pdf report, covers everything from shot-stopping analysis to build-up play involvement, and even includes a full statistical breakdown of key metrics all backed up by video analysis. With our recruitment strategies, and if you havent got them already, you'll be able to find the perfect goalkeeper for your team or at least keep an eye on any others of interest!.

Shot Stopping & Goal Prevention Analysis

Premier League GK Goals Prevented Analysis

Individual Goalkeeper Analysis

Emi Martinez Build Up Analysis

Team & Goalkeeper Build Up Involvement Analysis

Premier League GK Goal KIck Analysis 23/24

Goalkeeper Statistical Performance Analysis

Jose Sa (Wolves) Radar Plot 23/24
GK Percentile |Bar Chart 23/24
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