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G.C Analytics

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Welcome to GC Analytics where you can find anything and everything to do with soccer analytics including:

  • Data Driven Player & Head Coach Recruitment Analysis

  • Opposition Analysis Report Examples & Tools

  • Weekly Match xG Timelines & xG Shot Maps

  • Post Match Analysis Report Examples

  • Detailed Goalkeeper Analysis 

  • Scouting Report Examples

  • GC Analytics Bespoke

  • xThreat Analysis

  • xPoints Tables & More

AVL v FUL (H) xG shot map Nov 23.png
AVL v ARS xThreat Dec 23.png
EPL Top Half xG & xGA Scatter Plots 23.png
AVL v BUR xG timeline Dec 23.png
AVL Pnet vs BUR (H) Dec 23.png
EPL 20 Team xPoints Line Graphs 23-24.png

G.C Analytics Latest Analysis

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