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Team Comparison Radars

G.C Analytics  Team Comparison Radars are similar in the way that the Player Comparison Radars are set out and are also compiled in Excel and use a varied range of parameters to compare two teams which can be both helpful in analyzing an ooponents key strengths or weaknessess.  The benefit of these radars is that one is set out to measure attacking activity and the other for defensive activity with detailed specific sets of parameters and can also be altered to a clients choosing . In the past these have been used by clubs, agents, players and media outlets when comparing two sets of a two teams similar statistics. All league's and teams are catered for.


Does this look like it could help you in your comparisons? Get in touch if it does.

Team Attacking Comparison Template

Leeds v Norwich Attacking Comparison

Team Defensive Comaprison Template

Leeds v Norwich Defensive Comparison
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