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G.C Analytics- Bespoke data analysis

Visualising data can be a tricky thing to master not only in the sense of getting the data organised but also in it representing sometimes complex data in an easily decipherable way that the reader can interprete with ease and also for it to do what it set out to do, to be informative.

G.C Analytics have many different ways in how data can be represented in football. Even the simplest of graphics can tell a range of trends and make players, managers, coaches, analyst's make informed decisions when coming up against an opponent.

Whether it be an A4 sheet a player is handed in the changing rooms direct before a game or whether a coach has witnessed an opponent doing something in a game and wants to see if it has been happening for sometime all can be accomadated into a simple visualisation.

The visualisations are also perfect for use on all media outlets including television and social media channels with even the smallest viz catered for if necessary.

Take a look at some samples and descriptions in the gallery and see what G.C Analytics can help you with and get in touch via a message or through one of the social media channels.

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