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English Premier League Goalkeeper Analysis

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AAGS- Above Average Goals Saved

AAGS is calculated by finding the difference between total xGA (expected goals against) and goals conceded. This gives us a figure of the actual goals a keeper has been solely responsible for saving or conceding (-).

ADJsve%- Adjusted Save %

ADJsve% is calculated using the difference between xG against (the goals a keeper has been expected to concede) goals conceded and then divided by total shots that were on target . This tells us how well or how much worse a keeper has performed compared to others in these areas of his/her game.

sve %- Save Percentages

Calculating a goalkeepers save percentage is vital in telling a potential recruiter how well they are performing in regards to shot stopping ability and this is calculated by dividing shots saved by the total amount of on target shots faced.

Handling and Catch Success Percentage

What a keeper does apart from shot stopping is also pivotal. Does he choose to come off his line? Does he catch or punch?


This metric shows what each individual keeper chooses to do in these circumstances. Team style of play, attitude plus more are all taken in to account.


When a keeper has the ball at his hands or at his feet what then does he choose or prefer to do with it?

Does he prefer to kick from the floor or from his hands and if so what type of kick? Does he tend to aim at a certain area? A quick release, flat delivery?

Or does he tend to throw the ball, short, long, style and preferred arm?

These are all trends that are identifyable in the metrics included in the 'Distribution' chapter of GK Analysis.

Please note that the measures and metrics described above are brief in their description for the purposes of this website. If you would like to know more about Goalkeeper Analysis from G.C Analytics please send a message or get in contact via one of the social media channels below

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