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xG shot maps

xG shot maps are a great way to show a team or individual players shot locations over a set period of time or more longer term using x,y data these are produced using Python software and are coded from scratch.

Team/Player shot maps

Similar to the xG shot maps these shot maps are also coded from scratch and are designed to show the areas of volume in shots on the pitch by using colours to identify the most common shot locations.

Pass Location Graphics

Again using x,y data plotting pass locations ,or in this graphic a teams key passes, is another key identifier in a teams way of playing and these can be seperated into a team or an individual players passing and also by seperation of a passing type (long, through ball etc).

Team & Player Pass Sonar Graphics

Pass Sonar graphics are a great way of showing a team or players passing directions over a game or a longer period of time essential when detailing opposition analysis.

Rolling Season xG timelines

Rolling timelines are designed to show the rates in which a teams xG and xGA are panning out over the course of the season. Are a team conceding way to many high quality chances? Do the opposition score from most of them? Identifying your opponents weaknesses in these areas could be the difference.

For enquiries on all of the above and many more bespoke pieces please get in touch for more details.

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