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G.C Analytics

 A graphic of reality

Football has many faces and one of them is data visualisation, taking sometimes complex data and displaying it in a way that is clear and precise yet easily decipherable to those who are viewing it. 

I first dipped my toes into the water of this area of the game a while back now after noticing some graphics on Twitter. Soon after xG came along and stat work in football took off and went mainstream and I felt strongly that my skills and knowledge of the game had a place in these areas.

Scouting and Opposition Analysis were my niche and to this day in depth tactical analysis is still a passion of mine and at G.C Analytics this is more than catered for.


 I am all self taught (with a little help along the way)and so i taught myself to code, familiarised myself with Excel, Python and the like, but blogging and social media meant I couldn't seem to get all my work on one platform so I created this website so now its all in one place! I hope you enjoy looking around it and all I can offer. Maybe G.C Analytics can you help you out in some way nothing is too small or too large!

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